Kickoff is a great book made by: Paul Mantell a scholastic book. Kickoff is a book based on two twins name Tiki and Rhonde Barber who love to play football. They did everything together until Junior High. There mom separated them on purpose so they can learn how to do stuff on their own. The classes were hard and boring they didn’t want to raised their hand because if they got one wrong they got laughed at. One time Tiki fell asleep during science class so Mr. Wheeler threw a paper ball at him and everyone laughed and he was embarrassed.

The main problem of the story was that they didn’t get to play very often in the games. It was solved by them getting more plays that involved them did they win there last and hardest game yet read the book to find out.

I think other kids who like drama, football and funny things will love this book because it is funny, exciting and about football!



The Beginning



Welcome to┬ámy blog. I have to keep a reading log for school! My cousin says this will be a fun way to do it. We’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong.

If I like a book I’ll give it a thumbs up and if I don’t like it I’ll give it a thumbs down.

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